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Goldman Sachs is Worst-Selling Fund Manager in 2017

July 10, 2017

[Photo: Goldman NYSE Booth, by Justin Lane / EPA file]


While not exactly 'first to worst', the news is still an embarassment for Goldman Sachs which seeks top ranking in all of its endeavors. According to Morningstar, investors have, so far in 2017, pulled nearly $27 billion from mutual funds run by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. - almost double the level of withdrawals experienced by Federated Investors, the 2nd-worst selling mutual fund firm. Other fund complexes that have experienced significant outflows are: Fidelity, Morgan Stanley and Franklin Templeton.


FinancialTimes reports that GSAM blamed the large outflows this year on investors pulling out of its money market funds, short-term investment vehicles that provide clients with a liquid alternative to cash. A spokesman added that the company’s mutual fund range, excluding money market funds, had inflows so far this year.


And, just to put these numbers into proper perspective, GSAM has $1.3 trillon under management. That said, the division's has seen Q1 revenues fall nearly 7% from the same period last year, while profilts have fallen almost 17%. The firm acknowledges that it has felt the same sting that has crippled active fund management throughout the industry.