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Barron's 2017 Top 100 Financial Advisors: Morgan Stanley Leads the Way

April 18, 2017

Barron's published its 2017 Top 100 Financial Advisors and three notable statistics stand out:  

  • New York and California dominate the list with 52 of the top 100 advisors;
  • Morgan Stanley occupies 9  of the top 12 spots - and 12 of the top 18 - with most advisors associated with the Private Wealth Management unit.
  • The top 8 slots remain largely unchanged from 2016.


CRITERIA: According to Barron's, the annual ranking is based on assets under management, revenue generated for the advisors' firms, and the quality of the advisors' practices. The last factor includes type of account - e.g., Client Category (high net worth, ultra hnw, foundations, endowments, institutional), Typcial Account Size, and Typical Net Worth.


Investment performance isn’t an explicit factor because clients have varied goals and risk tolerances. Some want to swing for the fences, while others are extremely conservative, so what they consider good results can be very different. Total AUM are one indicator of investors’ satisfaction, or lack thereof. If a client’s specific aims aren’t being met, the chances of retaining that person - and his or her assets - are slim.


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