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New Issues Arise for Deutsche Bank

March 17, 2017

The European Central Bank uncovers risk management issues.


For the past 3 years, shares in Deutsche Bank have been on a downward spiral. After trading as high as $50 a share in January 2014, DB shares hit bottom at $12.75 (on 9/16/16) before running up to $20.46 a share on 1/23/17 – thanks largely to the Trump Bump.


Charged with returning Deutsche Bank to profitability and stability, new CEO John Cryan has been implementing a comprehensive restructuring plan, complete with massive legal settlements, cost cuts, and personnel layoffs. And if that wasn’t enough, Cryan announced earlier this month that the bank would need to raise an additional $8.5 billion in capital – which likely would dilute current shareholders’ positions.


So with all of that, what else could befall Deutsche Bank? Well, on Friday, the European Central Bank issued a negative review on Deutsche Bank’s risk controls. The review by the ECB, which began several months ago, found deficiencies in derivatives and complicated financial bets that raises concerns about how the bank prices contracts ranging from insurance to climate-related securities.


Oh, and did we mention that DB shares were down 2.5% on Friday, 3/17?