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Showdowns At Two Bank Annual Meetings

April 25, 2017

This week shareholders are lining up for two annual meetings: Wells Fargo meets on Tuesday in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL; Credit Suisse meets on Friday, presumably in Zurich, SUI. As they say, "This ain't your grandfather's generation anymore."


Wells Fargo Directors.    This year's annual meeting will boil down to a referendum on the bank's board of directors. So far, 5,300 employees have lost their jobs over the accounts scandal that began as far back as 2002 but only broke in September 2016. The next group who could lose their jobs are the Wells Fargo directors, who face re-election on Tuesday. Warren Buffet, who holds about 10% of the company's voting shares, has re-affirmed his support for the incumbent directors. However, giant pension funds in California and New York intend to vote against most of the bank's 15 directors. 


Credit Suisse Executives.    Investors are up-in-arms over bonuses authorized by the Compensation Committee for bank executives and board members. Investors have revolted over Credit Suisse's decision to pay nearly $80 million in bonuses to top executives and to raise board compensation. Since 2015, the bank has incurred losses of about $5.7 billion. [See Financialish, 3/28/17.]