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Donald Trump & Co.

Aha! The Real Reason Preet Bharara Was Fired

March 15, 2017

It’s common knowledge that LOYALTY is a necessary condition for anyone who works for Donald Trump. Nothing that a subordinate says or does should ever be viewed as a threat to the notion that Donald Trump is the BEST, is on TOP, and is in CONTROL.


Lo and behold, the Wall Street Journal last week reported that former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was a prodigious tweeter. We know that because his official account at the Justice Department had more than 260,000 followers.  His personal account had far fewer.


This prompted NYU ethics professor Stephen Gillers to suggest that Mr. Bharara should “take care to avoid” the impression that he’s using his office for personal gain. That said, Prof. Gillers admits that, “even without Twitter, Bharara has been more of a public presence than has been true of U.S. attorneys generally.”


For the record, Preet Bharara had, at one time, been using @PreetBharara as his official DOJ handle. However, a recent DOJ social media policy required Mr. Bharara to change to a new official handle - @USAttyBharara. He then simply adopted @PreetBharara for his personal handle.


DISPLAY OF DISLOYALTY.    Between Mr. Bharara’s super-star status and his penchant for tweeting, we recognize the basis for a natural conflict of interest (or should we say, competition) that is likely to have cultivated a certain animus by the President toward the former U.S. Attorney who once served at his pleasure.


  • For one thing, both the Donald and Preet are recognizable by their first names.
  • Second, they are prodigious tweeters and, in this administration, that means trouble.


Lest anyone try and convince you that this scenario is false or fraught with nonsensical notions, simply direct them to Mr. Trump’s history of seemingly illogical and unintelligible actions and tweets – it doesn’t take a lot to set him off.