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CFTC Appoints its First Chief Market Intelligence Officer

April 3, 2017

CFTC Acting Chair Christopher Giancarlo has named Andrew Busch the Commission’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer. Mr. Giancarlo said, “The new Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO) will help activate the CFTC’s latent capability for market intelligence, giving us better insight into the needs of participants in the futures and swaps we oversee.”


Andy Busch, who will reports directly to the Chairman, will engage with the CFTC’s new Market Intelligence Unit as well as market participants, industry analysts, economists, policy makers, and other regulators. He will help communicate to a broader American public emerging trends in the commodity futures markets that the CFTC oversees.


The Market Intelligence Unit is designed to understand, analyze and communicate current and emerging derivatives market dynamics, developments and trends – such as the impact of new technologies and trading methodologies.


ABOUT ANDY BUSCH.    After spending 30 years in the financial services sector, Mr. Busch joins the CFTC from the boutique economic research company he founded, Bering Productions, where he was CEO.  Before BPI, Busch:


  • was Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist at Bank of Montreal (2009 to 2013).
  • served as BMO’s Global Foreign Exchange Strategist and outside advisor to the White House, U.S. Treasury and Congress on the financial markets. (2005-2009).
  • began in financial services with Northern Trust Company.
  • graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Ohio Wesleyan University (1983); obtained his MBA in from University of Chicago (1988).