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Donald Trump & Co.

Conflicted: Carl Icahn Has Trump’s Ear on Selected Rules

March 8, 2017



Scenario: You own an oil refinery and aren’t pleased with a federal rule that requires refiners to mix certain levels of renewable fuels into gasoline and diesel. It’s eating into your profits. As an adviser to the President, you submit a rule proposal that would shift the added cost and burden to others.


That’s the case Public Citizen, a government watchdog, is making to Congress in its request to have Carl Icahn investigated for violation of the lobbying disclosure laws.


Icahn, who’s an unpaid adviser to Trump on regulation, doesn’t understand the fuss. Yes, he admits the change would help his 82%-owned company. But the real focus of the benefit is on the entire refining industry.  


For the record, Icahn has disclosed his role as a Trump adviser to the SEC, but has not registered as a lobbyist. Accordingly, several Democratic lawmakers have said they want more information about his role in the Trump administration.