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Donald Trump & Co.

The 'Man 'Who Would Be President' Plans to Unveil Major Tax Reform Next Week

May 1, 2017

Donald Trump says he will release tax reform package next week - and not just any tax reform.


  • It will be a "massive tax cut" for businesses and individuals.
  • It will be released just before '100-day mark' in office.
  • It will be "bigger I believe than any tax cut ever."

The Man Who Would Be President.    The President of the United States is arguably the most powerful person in the world. As such, his words are accorded a level of respect and gravitas that go unquestioned, which prompts friends and foes to parse every syllable hidden relevance.


Why, then, does President Trump still feel the need to constantly resort to hyperbole? Perhaps it's because Donald Trump is still running for the post - i.e., "the man who would be president.” - rather than focusing on the responsibilities of the chief executive of the country. 


This latest announcement fits an eerily familiar news pattern While the President would not provide details of the plan, his comments nonetheless seem to contradict what Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin seems to nitially set a goal of getting tax reform passed by August, but that deadline has slipped. Mnuchin now says the administration still hoped to get a bill passed well before the end of the year.