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Donald Trump & Co.

Timing Is Everything: U.S. Attacks Syria

April 7, 2017

[Photo: The New Jersey firing a Tomahawk cruise missile /]


If there's one thing we know by now about Donald Trump, it's that he fancies himself as a "great negotiator." And throughout the campaign and his brief time in the White House, every rant, rave, lie and tweet has been a calculated event. So, on the eve of his weekend meetings with Chinese President Xi, Donald Trump kicks his negotiations into 2nd gear. 


THE LEFT JAB.   On Thursday evening, in front of Chinese President XI Jinping, who's in Florida for talks at Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump announces in 'prime time' that the U.S. has launched a Tomahawk missile strike on Syria. The attack was arranged to minimize outrage - few, if any, lives were taken, and damage by the 59 missiles was limited to an airforce base, ammunition depots and the like.


The meetings, which are strategically important to both the United States and China, have several key agenda items, including nuclear threats from North Korea, and the countries' competing economic policies.


NOW FOR THE RIGHT CROSS.    Having set up his target, President Xi, Trump is ready to pounce and say something like this:  

Okay, Xi, now that you know that I'm all business, let's hear what you're going to do about the nuclear threats coming out of North Korea and its crazed Chairman, Kim Jong-un? And, while we're at it, what's going on with the manipulation of China's currency?


With that, the next move belongs to President Xi Jinping.


Grudgingly, we admit the 'tactical brilliance' of Trump's strategy.