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Bezos and Family, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett Still Top Forbes 'Richest People' List

March 6, 2019
by Howard Haykin
Forbes just released its World's Billionaires List, accompanied no doubt by dreamers, schemers and wannabes. By Forbes' latest count, there are 2,153 billionaires in the world - 55 fewer than a year ago. This year's list was compiled using stock prices and exchange rates from a single day - Friday, February 8, 2019 (which, coincidentally, was the last day of a 4-day slide for financial sector stocks - not that that necessarily mattered all that much).


Russian Oligarchs.    Peter Baker, NYTimes White House Reporter, notes that ... "The 98 Russian oligarchs on this year’s Forbes list have a combined wealth ($421 billion) that tops the total amount that the entire Russian population has in the bank ($420.7 billion)." 
Billionaires Under 30There are 8 under-30s on Forbes' list of billionaires - 3 are self-made, the others inherited their wealth.
Bezos (tops), Zuckerberg (tumbles), Kylie Jenner (youngest).   Forbes says the Kardashian clan’s most junior sibling has taken the title of youngest self-made billionaire from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who was all of 23 when he hit the 10-figure mark in 2008.
NFL OwnersThis group apparently dominates the 'sports top 10' on Forbes' list of 'Richest People in the World'.
Donald TrumpThe President rose 51 spots on Forbes billionaires list, though his net worth stayed flat at $3.1 billion.

How Trump Is Trying - And Failing - To Get Rich Off His Presidency (Forbes, 10/2/18)

Wealthiest Americans.   The 2018 Forbes 400 (Wealthiest Americans), as of October 2018.