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Bitcoin Mania, As Cryptocurrencies Sing ‘Fly Me to the Moon’

June 23, 2019

[Fly Me to the Moon / Song Written by Bart Howard, Sung by Frank Sinatra and others]


by Howard Haykin


Is this ridiculous, or what? After breaking through $10,000 on Friday, Bitcoin extended its gains on Saturday morning (6/22/19) around 10:34 (ET) when it traded at $11,033.
Though the price of Bitcoin quickly retreated to $10,701 (and that price held up through Sunday morning), the rise in Bitcoin’s price is nothing short of incredible - up nearly 9% in a 24-hour period, up 23% over a 7-day period and, according to Forbes, up more than 250% since hitting its December low of $3,122.






While it’s anyone’s guess as to where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies go from here, there’s no shortage of press coverage on this ‘fairy tale’ market activity.


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  • Bitcoin Price Hits $11K Less Than 24 Hours After Breaking $10K Mark [Cointelegraph]
  • Bitcoin Has Surpassed $11,000 To Climb 250% From December Low [Forbes]



… or predictions as to where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies might be headed.


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