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CFTC Primer on Virtual Currencies

October 17, 2017



The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s LabCFTC today released, A CFTC Primer on Virtual Currencies. This primer is the first of a series that LabCFTC will release to provide fundamental, and essential, information about financial technology (FinTech) innovation.


This first primer provides an overview of virtual currencies and their potential use-cases, helps outline the CFTC’s role and oversight of virtual currencies, and cautions investors and users of the potential risks involved with virtual currencies.


“We look forward to our ongoing engagement with innovators and market participants focused on enhancing our markets and benefitting the American public – we view the release of today’s primer as a meaningful step in advancing that engagement.” - -  Daniel Gorfine, Director of LabCFTC and CFTC’s Chief Innovation Officer. 


ABOUT LABCFTC.    Launched in May this year, LabCFTC is dedicated to facilitating market-enhancing financial technology (FinTech) innovation, fair market competition, and proactive regulatory excellence and understanding of emerging technologies. LabCFTC is designed to make the CFTC more accessible to FinTech innovators, and serves as a platform to inform the Commission's understanding of emerging technologies. LabCFTC will enable the CFTC to be proactive and forward-thinking as FinTech applications continue to develop, and to help identify related regulatory opportunities, challenges, and, risks.

[Click here for more info about LabCFTC.]