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Donald Trump & Co.

Death of a Thousand Cuts

May 17, 2017

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by Howard Haykin


Idiom: 'Death of a thousand cuts.'    If something is suffering the death of a thousand cuts, or death by a thousand cuts, lots of small bad things are happening, none of which are fatal in themselves, but which add up to a slow and painful demise.


Few, if any, of Donald Trump's disclosed actions, and those of his administration, can be viewed as criminal or deemed to be justification for impeachment. Yet, collectively they are offensive, disruptive, and most importantly a cause for concern for the safety of this country. That might be one of the reasons that FBI Director James Comey opted to build a dossier of memos detailing his numerous meetings with the president.


While Mr. Trump brought to the White House the potential to provide a fresh, business-like approach to the issues facing this country and the world, he has repeatedly demonstrated that neither he nor many in his team are prepared for the world stage. And it will be the cumulative effects of Donald Trump's daily actions that will derail or curtail his agenda, and perhaps that of the Republican Party. It can even stall any meaningful legislation or change in government.


Of course we're referring to "Death of a Thousand Cuts."


Which brings us to Tom Friedman's opinion piece in the NYTimes: It's Chicken or Fish.  Mr. Friedman asks the following question: With Democrats lacking any real governing power, are there a few good elected men or women in the Republican Party who will stand up to the president’s abuse of power as their predecessors did during Watergate? Sadly, the answer is a resounding NO!


With little else to get the nation through the daily political morass - aka the Trump administration - and with little hope for change in the near term, it seems our only current relief from this angst is through "emailing each other 'S.N.L. skits'."  Mr. Friedman sees the 2018 elections - and a shift in power to the Democratic Party - as the only refuge for what ails the nation.