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Deutsche Bank Replaces CEO - Who's Laughing Now?

April 9, 2018


[Photo:  John Cryan (left) and Christian Sewing at news conference in February 2018 / by Andreas Arnold, Bloomberg]



Weeks of speculation at Deutsche Bank have ended with the board's selection of Cristian Sewing as the new Chief Executive Officer. Sewing replaces beleaguered John Cryan who, during his 3 years heading Germany's largest bank, has been stymied by ongoing losses, a plunging share price and a troubled investment bank.


A financial media circus followed the announcement - so here's a sampling of stories, canvassed mostly from


Deutsche Bank Replaces C.E.O. Amid Losses and Lack of Direction

Deutsche Bank Names Sewing CEO, Replacing Cryan in Broad Revamp

> Ritchie to become sole head of investment bank; Schenck leaves

> ‘We need a new execution dynamic,’ says Chairman Achleitner

Deutsche Bank Lifer Sewing Tapped to Steer Lender Through Chaos

> Retail co-head Christian Sewing spent three decades at lender
> Ascent marks return of a German national as sole CEO of bank

Deutsche Bank Analysts See Doubt Persisting Over Investment Bank

Deutsche Bank Solves One Crisis With New CEO. Now Onto the Next

> Fate of board chairman Achleitner still up in the air
> Investment bank strategy is most pressing issue for Sewing

Deutsche Bank's Achleitner Can't Dodge Blame for Latest Woes

> Deutsche Bank chairman faces tough questions at May 24 AGM
> Aramea’s Meyer says Achleitner should leave for bad decisions

Deutsche Bank Must Regain ‘Hunger for Business,’ CEO Sewing Says

> Sewing says time pressure in on as industry changes rapidly
> New CEO calls meeting cost targets at bank ‘non-negotiable


Near Death, Cryan's Ouster and Deutsche Bank's Decade of Crisis

> From Ackermann to Jain to Cryan, CEOs fail to restore growth
> Achleitner turns to veteran German banker in latest gambit

Deutsche Bank Chairman Achleitner Says Cryan Was Too Slow to Execute