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Elizabeth Warren - Wall Street Pariah - Gets a Reality Check

February 16, 2017

A new poll finds that while Donald Trump would easily lose to a generic Democrat in 2020, the president would wipe the floor with Warren.


Donald Trump, who entered office with the lowest approval rating in modern history, has somehow managed to become even more unpopular in the first 3 weeks of his presidency. His popularity sank to a new low on Saturday amid a flurry of minor scandals, turmoil in the West Wing, and a series of foreign policy missteps that have left Washington reeling. And that was before Mike Flynn resigned as national security adviser for misleading the vice president about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S., prompting bipartisan calls for congressional investigations into Trump’s own ties to Russia.


Americans, it seems, are already ready for a change: a new Politico/Morning Consult poll reports that 43% of voters would vote for a generic, unnamed Democratic candidate if the 2020 election were held today, while about a 33% said they would vote for Trump. Only 71% of Trump voters said they would vote for him again. “Most presidents experience a honeymoon period in their first few months. It looks like Trump’s is ending,” Morning Consult’s Kyle Dropp told Politico of the poll, which was conducted February 9-10.


The poll, however, had some worrisome news for the left. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is generally considered among the leading candidates to take on Trump, actually underperformed the generic Democrat in a hypothetical, head-to-head matchup. While Trump lost to a nameless challenger by about 10 points, Morning Consult found that Trump beat Warren 42% to 36%, a sizable margin considering his unprecedented low approval ratings.


Those results should serve as a harsh reality check and a wake-up call for Democratic voters, who have elevated Warren to near-mythic status in recent weeks. The popular, progressive rock star has been a prominent force within the growing anti-Trump protest movement, turning up at demonstrations and rallies around Massachusetts and Washington, and offering blistering denunciations of the president and his policies.