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Ohio Couple in Serious Need of Financial Advice – Starting with Preservation of Capital

July 7, 2017

CNBC News reported that workers at Goodwill Industries in Zanesville, OH, recently accepted a box of donated housewares – which, to their surprise, also contained a duffel bag filled with almost $100,000. To their further surprise, no one came hunting for the missing cash and the donor, Lynette Leckrone, was apparently unaware that the money was missing.


Earlier that day, husband Dan Leckrone had withdrawn the money - $97,004 to be exact –from the bank and put it in the trunk of the car along with clothes and other household items for donation. The couple is planning to move closer to Wheeling, WV, where they plan to buy a house. But why the withdrawal? According to Dan Leckrone, they “were taking the money to deposit it in another bank where we were moving to.”


Perhaps no one has ever told them about checks, certified checks or wire transfers. Time for some financial planning lessons.


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