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Robert Jackson & Hester Peirce Sworn in as SEC Commissioners

January 15, 2018

Robert Jackson Jr. and Hester Peirce were sworn into office as SEC Commissioners last month, after having been confirmed by the U.S. Senate on 12/21/17. Financialish had reported Mr. Jackson’s nomination (Columbia Law Professor …) in September and Ms. Peirce’s nomination (Trump Nominee for Republican SEC …) in July.


COMMISSIONER JACKSON comes to the SEC from NYU School of Law, where he was a professor of law.  He previously was professor of law and director of the Program on Corporate Law and Policy at Columbia Law School.  He also has served as an adviser at the Treasury Department and in the Office of the Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation.  Commissioner Jackson earned his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, a BS and MBA in Finance from Wharton, an MPP from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and his JD from Harvard Law School.


COMMISSIONER PEIRCE comes to the SEC from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University where she served as a Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Financial Markets Working Group. She is the editor of, and a contributor to, the book Reframing Financial Regulation: Enhancing Stability and Protecting Consumers, published by Mercatus in 2016. She previously worked for U.S. Senator Richard Shelby on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, and, prior to that, as counsel to then-SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins and as a Staff Attorney in the Division of Investment Management.   Commissioner Peirce earned her BA in economics from Case Western Reserve University and her JD from Yale Law School.