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SEC Exodus: Associate Director for Trading and Markets, is Leaving

January 31, 2017

The SEC announced that Wenchi Hu, an Associate Director in the Division of Trading and Markets, will leave the agency in early February. Ms. Hu has headed the division's Office of Clearance and Settlement Supervision since August 2015, after serving 3 months as its Acting Associate Director.


The office oversees registered clearing agencies including those that are designated systemically important in the equity, options, government and mortgage-backed securities, and security-based swaps markets. It routinely coordinates with the Federal Reserve, the CFTC and regulators outside the U.S. to enhance supervision of clearing agencies.


During her tenure, Ms. Hu has overseen more than 150 clearing agency initiatives, including NSCC’s Accelerated Trade Guaranty, FICC’s permanent adoption of its GCF repo pilot program and suspension of the GCF repo interbank program, and ICE Clear Credit's default management, recovery, and wind-down rule change. She also oversaw LCH SA's application for registration as a security-based swap clearing agency, the first by a non-U.S. clearing house.


Ms. Hu joined the SEC in November 2011 as an OCIE senior special counsel, and later moved to the Office of Derivatives Policy in the Division of Trading and Markets. She was named Assistant Director in the division's Office of Clearance and Settlement Supervision in June 2013. Ms. Hu is a graduate of the UC Berkeley La and holds master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Harvard Law. Before joining the SEC she worked as managing director and senior counsel at Rabobank Nederland in New York and was an associate at Cleary, Gottlieb.