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Treasury Market Group Proposes Best Practices for Handling Confidential Info

August 16, 2017

[Photo: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York]


The Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG) of the Federal Reserve Bank is proposing to update its Best Practices for Treasury, Agency Debt and Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities Markets. The changes would add recommendations related to the appropriate handling and use of confidential information. The TMPG welcomes feedback on its Proposed Best Practice Recommendations on Information Handling with Illustrative Examples.


PURPOSE:  In recent years, there have been a number of serious cases of misuse of confidential information that undermined the integrity of financial markets. To support market functioning and integrity, the TMPG thought it prudent to develop practice guidance for its covered markets.


WHAT’S CHANGING:  The TMPG is calling for market participants to:

  • communicate in a clear and truthful manner,
  • not share or use confidential information with the intent of adversely affecting the interests of a counterparty or the integrity of the market,
  • limit sharing and use of confidential information,
  • adopt policies and procedures that identify and address limitations on the sharing and use of confidential information,
  • make information handling practices available to counterparties, and
  • establish internal controls designed to ensure compliance with established polices.


[Click here to access Best Practices FOR TREASURY, AGENCY DEBT, and AGENCY MORTGAGE-BACKED SECURITIES MARKETS(January  2017)]