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Investor Losses Add Up Quickly in Forex, Precious Metals, Commodity Frauds

June 7, 2017

by Howard Haykin


Most readers who operate in and around financial services focus predominantly on the equities and options markets because that’s where most clients and customers invest their money. And so, they follow with peaked attention to FINRA and the SEC pronouncements on new rules, guidelines, priorities and disciplinary actions – which obviously focus largely on the equities and options markets. To a lesser extent, our readers follow the futures markets and related pronouncements from the CFTC.


Now, for a moment, let’s visualize the financial markets as a casino. The equities and options markets are represented by blackjack tables, slot machines and other games against the house, where you’ll find most of the actions. It’s also where, for the most part, gains and losses pile up methodically.


Conversely, the futures markets – forex, precious metals, and commodities – are represented by the craps and poker tables, and other games that pit player against player. Here you’re more likely to find highly leveraged bets, fast-paced action and the potential for quick and significant gains or losses.


That same ‘casino’ logic holds true when it comes to investor losses arising from fraud. Investor losses in cases involving equities tend to be relatively small and measured, whereas investor losses related to futures tend to be significantly larger.


Here are the outcomes of cases reported by the CFTC since May 1:








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