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SEC is Back in the Saddle as Government Reopens

January 28, 2019

SEC Chair Jay Clayton issued a statement announcing that the Agency has resumed normal staffing levels and is returning to normal operations. During the government shutdown, the SEC has limited its efforts to monitoring the functioning of our markets and, as necessary to preventing imminent threats to property, taking action.  


As the SEC's 4,500 employees return to their posts in the SEC's Washington, D.C., home office and 11 regional offices, its leaders and staff members will assess how best to transition back to normal operations. Certain of these Divisions and Offices, including our Divisions of Corporation Finance, Trading and Markets, Investment Management and our Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, will be publishing statements in the coming days regarding their transition plans. [These statements will be available at]


In closing, a personal note:  I have noted in the past that our people are our greatest asset.  They bring experience, expertise and commitment to work every day for the benefit of our economy, our markets and, most importantly, our investors.  The past 30 days have underscored just how true that is.  It is my privilege to welcome back the full team.